Working Papers: Mariëtte de Haan

Mariëtte comes from education research and works at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Utrecht. She combines micro analytical perspectives (e.g. interaction analysis) with broader sociocultural frameworks. This methodological approach strives to show how local productions are linked with a diversity of other sociocultural levels on a larger scale.

Mariëtte’s contribution to the working papers day will focus on a project proposal entitled Learning & socialization, new media and the migrant condition. A current theme that is addressed in this research is how, in cases of recent migration, informal learning and socialization patterns take on new forms in response to new cultural ‘contact zones’ (including those shaped by new media) and different rhythms of ‘acculturation’ between generations.

Discussions will help shape this project, currently under development. It has been funded as part of a programme of research developed with colleagues, Wired Up, via a competitive scheme at the University of Utrecht. Mariëtte is busy recruiting a PhD candidate to pursue this innovative research!


3 responses to “Working Papers: Mariëtte de Haan

  1. Mariette, The projects in Wired Up will share data that is gathered in the US and in the Netherlands. Have you developed plans for sharing this data? Which tools will be useful to allow the team to work together on this diverse material?

  2. The research program I mentioned is called
    Globalization and the Transformation of Cultural Identities in Central and Eastern Europe

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