ethnography of digital objects

The newest face at the VKS is that of Dina Friis, a Masters student in Anthropology from the University of Aarhus*, where she is working with Renaissance man Andreas Roepstroff. In our weekly research meeting, Dina told about her fieldwork on the electronic patient record and the framework for her project. This led to a discussion of (among other issues) actor network theory and politics–namely, about whether taking software and infrastructure seriously as political subjects is itself a (sufficient) political move, and about the possibility of conjoining ANT with other types of (interventionist) politics.

And as usual, lots of suggestions were made, and other vks’ers pointed Dina to potentially interesting resources–though Dina has lost no time in connecting to relevant researchers in the network! She will be working on these issues in the coming months (her stay is planned to last until May), which will lead to a Master’s thesis.

*looking around the site of the dept, I came across what looks like a fantastic event on holism in ethnography, to be held this summer in Aarhus.

One response to “ethnography of digital objects

  1. It will be great to meet Dina, discuss and learn from her approach. And regarding to the political dimension of ANT… it is so much complex topic!!!

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