Red Tuesday

A new look: cold weather colours, comments on top, and a fresh navigation structure via the tag cloud.


4 responses to “Red Tuesday

  1. The new representation of activities on VKS looks very nice.

    As you say, the color (nicer than the very grey weather colours I can see from my window), the references, the comments, and the new navigation structure surely give a new perspective. It clearly shows how the way data is represented is not innocent.

    The chronological structure becomes more downplayed but the categories are in turn much more visible.

    I like the change, and the new “form” category. I was wondering what kind of thoughts you had when creating it? Personally I have affection towards making new categories when working, in expectation that creating them will lead to new thoughts or new kinds of ideas. A bit like when children call each other new names in order to play out how it would feel to be an Anna, or a Bertha.

    Back to the blog design: I wonder if it will give new life to previously written posts with the more visible categories. I would expect debates and comments to be read and used a bit more than before. Although saying this, when making my own debut here is a bit of a self-supportive argument. On the other hand I wonder if in weren’t exactly the new structure that engaged my enthusiasm for actually commenting on the blog 🙂

  2. Glad you like it! Not sure what is going on, Dina, but this post says there aren’t any comments when that is clearly the case. The design may still have bugs.

  3. I think it would be a great idea to invite VKS newcommers to write a post in the blog, Anne 🙂

  4. Adolfo, great minds… that’s the plan. We just celebrated the opening of the Maastricht Studio. That will certainly mean more activities, and perhaps the occasion for more contributors from that part of the VKS.

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