Estalella to visit VKS

Adolfo Estalella, a Ph. D. candidate working at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya will visit the VKS from 1 March 2008. His current PhD work is an ethnography of blogging practices among a group of Spanish blogs and bloggers.During his visit, Adolfo writes, he plans to discuss and obtain feedback from the VKS members in relation to two issues: the empirical data and the methodological approach developed in his fieldwork. Adolfo will work in collaboration with Anne Beaulieu in three different issues:

(i) discussing some aspects of the analytical model for analyzing the field data of his ethnography.

(ii) working out some issues of his methodological approach to the fieldwork, in particular the notion of co-presence and the use of a ‘field blog’ as a strategy to sustain relationships with other bloggers.-

(iii) discussing some substantive topics of his field data, in particular those relates to hyperlinking practices among bloggers.

Adolfo will also be sharing with the VKS members his expertise on multi-methods fieldwork, and present on his experience of using a ‘field blog’ as an ethnographic strategy to establish rapport and build relationships with informants.

And while there isn’t a picture for this entry, you’ll probably not have to look far to put the face to the name.


2 responses to “Estalella to visit VKS

  1. Hey, Anne, thank you. I hope we will enjoy my stay, for sure.

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