Dating activities at the VKS

Last Friday the VKS hosted a workshop on Transformation in and of research.

The whole group was gathered in Amsterdam, both locals and visitors from the new department in Maastricht and the Erasmus Studio in Rotterdam.

To kick off the workshop, mostly because not everybody knew each other, the activity of speed dating was introduced. Basically, half us of sat still, while the other half rotated one place to the right every 5th minute on the ring of a bell.

The excuse was to find a common book with each of our changing partners,* but of course the underlying point was to get to know each other better.

Now this kind of activity fascinated me, because it somehow left me hungry for more. The otherwise annoying element of constantly being interrupted in conversations by a bell was exactly what made it worthwhile. It provided a dynamic atmosphere, where the subsequent break was used for picking up all the threads and tying loose ends. And in contrast to the normal kind of speed dating, in academia it’s even better if you find multiple new partners.

Of course, the workshop also had more “serious” theoretical and ethical content, but for now I’ll just recommend more academic dating-activities. 🙂

*A symbolic prize was given to the contestant who came up with the most impressive shared booklist


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