Celebrating the KNAW’s 200th Anniversary

We marked this anniversary with an installation presented by the VKS at the 8 May celebration at the Beurs van Berlage. The installations was developed around the work entitled Poser, by Constant Dullaart.

The installation articulated a fascination with social interaction and the possibilities of digital and networked media that is shared by the VKS and Dullaart. It emphasized practice and performance in relation to digital media, to social roles and to cultural rules.

In this installation, group photos, retrieved via Flickr were projected in a studio setting in such a way that the artist (and numerous participants to the evening) attempted to take on roles in these images.

This project was aimed at exploring new forms of interactions and of communication about the work we do at the VKS. Unlike a paper, a publication or even a poster session, this was very much an ‘event’, a concentrated period of interaction around the technological infrastructure of the installation and around the social gathering of the employees of the KNAW at the Beurs. This intensity was quite distinct from the usual way of communicating around our work, much more like a performance than the usual scientific communication. This made for an unforgettable evening, which left me with new insights about what we are doing at the studio and about various unsuspected talents of colleagues (there are some budding actors, talk show hosts and roadies in this building). Oh, and also with an aversion to the colour green, which I had unwisely been planning to wear.

This event came together through the generous contributions of Constant Dullaart, Dafna Maimon, Jeannette Haagsma, Charles van den Heuvel and colleagues of the VKS and Trippenhuis.


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