Now an Anthropologist!

Dina Friis, visitor to the VKS from December to July 2008, obtained her
Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Aarhus on 26
August 2008. As part of the requirements for her degree, she submitted a
dissertation entitled ‘The Dilemma of Standardisation versus Local
Adaptation in Electronic Patient Records.’ This piece of work tackles
arduous methodological and theoretical issues about the study of complex
technological objects in-the-making, such as software and
infrastructures. It will not come as a surprise to those who heard and
discussed with Dina during her stay that she obtained the highest
possible grade for this piece of research.

Andreas Roepstorff and Dina Friis at the reception after the defense.

Andreas Roepstorff and Dina Friis at the reception after the defense.

Not one to waste time, Dina has started a PhD project on ‘user-driven innovation in Virtual Worlds’ at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

In her PhD project she will consider Viral Marketing. Generally people try hard to avoid advertisements using e.g. spam filters and ad-blockers. Yet at the same time many of these are willing to forward commercials to their whole network of contacts.

Dina’s starting point is to question the interests of the users that spreads these messages, objects and advertisements voluntarily.


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