Postdoc Researcher (f/m), (36-38 hours per week)

Project information: You will be responsible for the implementation of ethnographic and explorative research in the sub-project “Dissemination and exploration”. You will perform observations of the use of ICT in humanities research. In particular, you will identify problems that emerge as researchers renew their research practices with the aid of technology. You will explore and assess the current developments in digital humanities, also on the basis of the published literature. This exploration will regularly involve short visits to research centres in the Netherlands and abroad. Your work on this aspect of the project will be supported by an information expert, whose role will be to assess the technological merits of infrastructures. These observations and assessments will support the Alfalab project leader in the preparation of the second phase of Alphalab. Your research results will also support the dissemination of Alfalab’s outcomes among humanities scholars in the Netherlands. This work will result in a research report, which will form the basis of a follow-up grant application, and the basis for international scientific publications.

Job requirements: You have ample experience in ethnographic research and current knowledge of ict applications in the humanities, as demonstrated by a PhD in a relevant area (for example, Science and Technology Studies or Information Science). You show interest in humanities research. You are a good communicator, possess good writing skills, and are capable of building good cooperative relations with researchers from a variety of scientific traditions. You have an excellent command of English and Dutch.

Conditions of employment: This position involves a temporary appointment for a period of 1.5 years. In consultation, the job can be performed on a secondment basis (for instance from a university). The intended starting date is 1 May 2009.

More information will be available on the website of the VKS or on the website Academic Transfer.


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