Reading Group Proposal

How about this new book from Cornell University Press on fieldwork? It has its own site, where some material from the book is made available. This is an edited volume, with a number of contributors who are well-known spokespeople of the American cultural anthropology scene–and several of whom have been involved in the anthropology in/of circulation statement a few months ago.

For this volume, perhaps we could all read the introduction and each pick one chapter we especially like to discuss? We will also experiment further in the coming sessions with ways of discussing/ approaching texts and issues.

Who would like to join? Lilia, are you up for this one? We’ll pick a date once we’re back from holidays.

9 responses to “Reading Group Proposal

  1. Anne:

    Although I won’t be joining your reading group, I am appreciative that you signaled this publication and pointed us in the direction of its website. As you know, websites complementing scholarly volumes is of interest to me and this site is ‘more than some, but less than others’. It is reflective of what can and is being done (by the book editors, I suspect, and not by the publisher) and I will make reference to it in a presentation after the summer in Oxford.


  2. I am caught in a bit of a dilemma asked to choose between chapters. I find chapter 4 (Caught! The Predicament of Ethnography in Collaboration) and chapter 9 (Collaboration, Coordination and Composition) really interesting.

    I will be reading both, but I might focus primarily on the first, and hope for a joint discussion on the second.

    Looking forward to see you.

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  4. Just realised that I forgot to indicate my discussion preferences. I also find several chapters interesting to discuss, but since Chapter 9 Collaboration, Coordination and Composition is in my list as well, let’s consider it’s my choice 🙂

  5. Great! And I’ve chosen the one on the work of fieldwork.

  6. Nice – that was another one in my list 🙂

  7. I read chapter 7 (Kim Fortun) about “figuring out.” I really liked it.
    I might focus on that instead if no one will protest! I find the concept of play fascinating and Fortun made me realize that things like writing abstracts can be considered structured places to play with otherwise overwhelming ideas. it can become a “potential space” that opens up without determining what goes on in the “real world” I like to think of abstracts ( as well as blog posts, presentations etc in that way! 🙂

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