Calling all readers…

What shall we read for our next reading group meeting?




Books, books, books, books, books, books, and books., originally uploaded by kennymatic.

2 responses to “Calling all readers…

  1. I am in!

    The book sounds interesting as well as highly relevant to my project on viral marketing.

    In particular I find interconnections between analogue and digital technologies interesting in relation to authenticity, since digital objects are easily replicable without loss even through various translations, which analogues are not. In my project I am dealing with long chains of replications. This difference between digital and analogue representations pushes the question concerning authenticity. Is an object more real if there are clear distinctions between the original and the copies? Take for instance the relationship between an artistic painting and a reproduction as opposed to the original music CD and its digital copies? What happens to authenticity when all versions of an object are alike, how then do we deal with authenticity?

    I’m looking forward to reading and discussing this piece!

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