The existence of this blog is in large part due to a visit to colleagues in Barcelona in May 2007. Following their example and encouragement, we are taking up a new practice, in the hope that this blog will provide the opportunity to explore another mediation of our work (besides articles and our website), to develop a voice, and to play with digital objects. It may also be a way to communicate and share within the virtual ethnography collaboratory of the VKS and across VKS projects in which ethnography figures prominently. In the first instance, it will serve as support for this event in Amsterdam.

We are using the wordpress platform because of the flexibility it offers. We are working towards integrating such a tool in the VKS web applications, which will also mean eventually adapting the design of this blog to the VKS house style.

UPDATE, Novmber 2008: Started as an experiment, the blog has been coming along since its creation and has settled into a not too intensive, but nevertheless¬† regular level of postings. It seems it mostly gets used for short announcements and accounts that are somehow more personal and less formal than what would go up on our website. It has also turned into a nice way to stay in touch with the many wonderful visitors who have come to Amsterdam these past couple of years–they often get in touch on the basis of items they read about on the blog. Finally, the blog also seems much friendlier to photos of our get-togethers…

This project is the responsibility of Anne Beaulieu of the Virtual Knowledge Studio.

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