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Call for Participants

AoIR preconference workshop

The next international activity of the Virtual Ethnography Collaboratory will be a pre-conference workshop at Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Communities, Rethinking Place, to be held on 15 October 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The workshop is entitled In The Game: Ethnographic Relationships, Mediation and Knowledge. The aim of the workshop is to examine a core issue in ethnographic work, the ethnographic relationship, in terms of the specific challenges encountered by researchers who work mainly in and on mediated settings.

The workshop is organised by Anne Beaulieu (VirtualĀ  Knowledge Studio, The Netherlands) Marinka Copier (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and T.L. Taylor (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark), in collaboration with AoIR (Association of Internet Researchers).

More information about the scope of the event and various deadlines can be found on the VKS website.